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Handy hints to get it written Handy hints to get it written - Getting started with direct mail
It can be a daunting task writing direct mail – especially if you aren’t a ‘natural’ copywriter. How do you get started, what should you include, how long should it be and how do you grab someone’s attention? In this article some of the dos and don’ts of DM are discussed, together with some hints and suggestions to create DM pieces that get results.
Handy hints to get it written. Part 1(2)
Call to action. Part 2(2)

What is Telephone Marketing? Telephone Marketing
Every telephone marketing professional has at least one Telephone Marketingstory of a call recipient pretending to be a homicide investigator or putting their dog on the phone or of the apartment dweller saying they’d love to have new aluminum siding. But jokes and annoyances aside, telephone marketing is the second most common form of direct marketing after direct mail. Even now, in the age of portable internet devices and numerous choices in communications technology, companies continue to do telephone marketing, because it gets results. >>
What is Telephone Marketing? Part 1(4)
Ten Reasons to Use Telephone Marketing. Part 2(4)
Ten Reasons NOT to Use Telephone Marketing. 3(4)
Things to Avoid with Telephone Marketing. Part 4(4)

Media & Internet: How Teenagers Consume Media
Morgan Stanley had asked a 15 year old summer work intern, Matthew Robson, to describe how he and his friends consume media. His piece provides one of the clearest and most thought provoking insights ever.
Copyright by Morgan Stanley (PDF-File)

Local Customers How to find local customers cheaply and easily
Reaching 000’s of potential new clients can be cost-effective [Local Customers] and simple. Why not try door dropping a leaflet into mailboxes/letterboxes to get your message directly to the house or business owner. Say you have a restaurant, mobile car valeting or ironing service and you have a great offer to entice people with – simply design a communication, print it up and get it delivered >>

? Using Facebook and Twitter for Promoting your Site
If you think of websites like Facebook as something for teenagers and college students, it may be time to take another look. Businesses all over the globe are using Facebook to promote their products and services. Facebook is what is known as a social networking site. You can use it to communicate with people from everywhere. Another very popular social networking site is Twitter. These two sites together can help you promote your business effectively and inexpensively.

e-Direct Marketing - getting emails read Reading emails
For many organisations today direct mail (DM) has been replaced with e-direct mail (eDM). And the major driver for this change? Cost. It’s far cheaper to write something on screen and whizz it out to thousands of recipients at the touch of a button than to print letters and brochures, buy and stuff envelopes and pay for postage. However, does this mean that everyone should ditch the traditional approach and go for online communications? Well, it is certainly more cost effective, but there are other questions to consider and the main one is – ‘will my mail get through?’
Part 1(3), Part 2(3), Part 3(3)

NewslettersCreating and Using Newsletters to Improve your Website Sales
As part of a comprehensive marketing campaign, the e-newsletter is a great way to draw attention to your website and product at a relatively low cost. With both short term tactics (like a coupon or discount code), and long term strategies (like reprint permission with proper attribution), the e-newsletter does what an effective marketing tool should do: it builds trust with customers and it offers them immediate gratification should they decide to shop at your site.

Economic Storms Keeping up with Clients with Direct Mail during Economic Storms
At times like these, there are leaders and companies who choose to cut back. Often, the first thing to be scrutinized and cut is the advertising budget. What could be the impact of that decision? Right now, your clients are also trying to balance their changed lives with new financial realities. In a time of upheaval, people like a little assurance of stability. They want to hear something good

Right Relationships and Direct Mail Local Customers
You are sitting alone at a café, enjoying a fine coffee and taking time to linger over a newspaper. Suddenly a hand grips the paper and tears it off of your table. You didn’t invite this person to your table, but you see they have made themselves at home. Then, they start talking and they keep talking. You find yourself assaulted by the life story of a stranger >>

Marketing Tips Top Tips for Writing and Sending Direct Marketing
Direct marketing is a practice that’s been used by marketeers for years to gain direct access to the end consumer. Several tactics come under the banner of direct marketing including: Direct mail, e-direct mail, Broadcast faxing, Telemarketing, SMS messaging, Door-to-door document distribution or canvassing, Social and professional web networking, Direct response television.
Part 1(3), Part 2(3), Part 3(3)

Direct Mail Cuts Through Direct Mail
It is estimated that the average person is exposed to 200 to 3,000 or more advertising messages per day. It’s easy to understand how that is possible.
Think back to how your day started this morning.
Part 1(2)
Part 2(2)

Lost Money Who Else Lost Money On The 'Creative Advertising'?
Do you still believe that there is no way of knowing the advertisement pulling-power before you spend your hard earned money running an ad in your local (rip-off) newspaper? Part 1(2)
Part 2(2)

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