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International SIC & NACE Codes

European Mailings Lists



Deutsch Das Ziel internationaler Branchencodes ist es, sprach- und landesübergreifend die gleiche Zielgruppe auszuwählen, unabhängig von der Sprache, dem Land oder Code-Art. Sie können entweder nach einem beliebigen Begriff suchen, eine naheliegende Branche auswählen oder durch die Seiten blättern.

Die Überlassung dieser Dokumentation ist kostenfrei und ohne Gewähr.

Falls Sie Fehler feststellen sollten oder Ergänzungsvorschläge haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an CEBUS.


English The reason for International business codes is to select the same target group cross language, cross country and cross code. You may search for any type of business and code or also just browse through the pages.

NACE Code: This is the pan-European classification system which groups organisations according to their business activities.
SIC Code: The Standard Industrial Classification Code indicates the company's type of business.

This information is provided free of charge and without warrant.

If you have any suggestions please contact CEBUS.



Italiano La ragione dei codici internazionali é di essere in grado di fornire le stesse informazioni senza barriere di linguaggio. È possibile selezionare in base a un termine specifico o semplicemente sfogliare le pagine a livello informativo.

I dettagli che trovate qui elencati sono gratis e senza garanzia.

Se avete dei suggerimenti contattate CEBUS. is your European List Broker


Auf den folgenden Seiten hat internationale Branchencodes für Sie zusammengestellt. Durch die Gegenüberstellung von verschiedenen Klassifierungssystemen aus verschiedenen Sprachen ist es möglich, z.B. sprachübergreifend dieselbe Branche für Marketingaktionen zu selektieren.

Der SIC Code (Standard Industrial Classification Code) und NACE Code (pan-European classification system) sind die am meisten verbreiteten Standards. Jedes Unternehmen wird entsprechend seiner Tätigkeit einer bestimmten Branche zuordnet. Und die Branche wiederum dem betreffenden Wirtschaftszweig.

Der SIC-Code z.B. ist ein 4 stelliger Zahlencode (mit führenden Nullen aufgefüllt):

  • Die erste Ziffer aus dem Zahlencode bestimmt den Hauptwirtschaftszweig,

  • die zweite den Wirtschaftszweig,

  • die dritte den Wirtschaftsbereich,

  • und die letzte Zahl die Branche

Wenn Sie Fehler feststellen oder Ergänzungsvorschläge haben, wenden Sie sich bitte per E-Mail an CEBUS.

Page 0001, Computer storage devices
Page 0002, Fasteners, buttons, needles and pins
Page 0003, Aboreta and botanical or zoological gardens
Page 0004, Chemical and fertilizer mining
Page 0005, Bottled and canned soft drinks
Page 0006, General medical and surgical hospitals
Page 0007, Fruits and tree nuts, NEC,
Page 0008, Deciduous tree fruits
Page 0009, Industrial inorganic chemicals
Page 0010, Anorganische Industriechemikalien, nak
Page 0011, Current-carrying wiring services
Page 0012, Architectural metalwork
Page 0013, Drugs, proprietaries, and sundries
Page 0014, Asbestos products
Page 0015, Household audio and video equipment
Page 0016, Turkeys and turkey eggs
Page 0017, Automotive and apparel trimmings
Page 0018, Motor Cars and other motor vehicles
Page 0019, Residential construction
Page 0020, Construction machinery
Page 0021, Baumaschinen
Page 0022, Cottonseed oil mills
Page 0023, Structural clay products, NEC
Page 0024, Finishing plants
Page 0025, Landscape counselling and planning
Page 0026, Vocational school
Page 0027, Coated fabrics, not rubberised
Page 0028, Concrete block and brick
Page 0029, Concrete products
Page 0030, Merchandising machine operators
Page 0031, Blankbooks and looseleaf binders
Page 0032, Sheet metalwork
Page 0033, Fabricated plate work (boiler shop)
Page 0034, Lead pencils and art goods
Page 0035, Floor laying and floor work
Page 0036, Boat dealers
Page 0037, Bread, cake, and related products
Page 0038, Office machines, NEC
Page 0039, Agricultural chemicals
Page 0040, Chemical preparations
Page 0041, Surgical appliances and supplies
Page 0042, Chirurgische Geräte und Artikel
Page 0043, Surgical and medical instruments
Page 0044, Women's and misses' suits and coats
Page 0045, Women's handbags and purses
Page 0046, Distilled and blended liquors
Page 0047, Legal services
Page 0048, Service establishment equipment
Page 0049, Direct selling establishments
Page 0050, Printing and writing paper
Page 0051, Switchgear and switchboard apparatus
Page 0052, Iron and steel forgings
Page 0053, Iron ores
Page 0054, Electrical apparatus and equipment
Page 0055, Electrical equipment and supplies
Page 0056, Electrometallurgical products
Page 0057, Electrical appliances, television and radio
Page 0058, Electric housewares and fans
Page 0059, Electron tubes
Page 0060, Electronic parts and equipment
Page 0061, Electronic coils and transformers
Page 0062, Natural gas distribution
Page 0063, Petroleum refining
Page 0064, Products of purchased glass
Page 0065, Aluminium extruded products
Page 0066, Fabricated textile products, NEC
Page 0067, Thread mills
Page 0068, Paints and allied products
Page 0069, Telephone and telegraph apparatus
Page 0070, Prepared flour mixes and doughs
Page 0071, Industrial machinery and equipment
Page 0072, Fertigungsmaschinen und -geräte
Page 0073, Fish, except shellfish
Page 0074, Canned and cured fish and seafoods
Page 0075, Meats and meat products
Page 0076, Aircraft parts and equipment
Page 0077, Flugzeugteile und Zubehör, nak
Page 0078, Fluid meters and counting devices
Page 0079, Fresh or frozen packaged fish
Page 0080, Footwear
Page 0081, Yarn spinning mills
Page 0082, Building maintenance services
Page 0083, Durable goods, NEC
Page 0084, Poultry and eggs, NEC
Page 0085, Pressed and blown glass
Page 0086, Gift, novelty, and souvenir shop
Page 0087, Footwear cut stock
Page 0088, Dry, condensed, evaporated products
Page 0089, Commercial printing, lithographic
Page 0090, Commercial printing, gravure
Page 0091, Vitreous plumbing fixtures
Page 0092, Elementary and secondary schools
Page 0093, Fabricated rubber products, NEC
Page 0094, Gummifertigerzeugnisse, nak
Page 0095, Semiconductors and related devices
Page 0096, Hand and edge tools
Page 0097, Hardwood dimension and flooring mills
Page 0098, Household furnishings
Page 0099, Wood household furniture
Page 0100, Metal household furniture
Page 0101, Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning contractor
Page 0102, Residential care
Page 0103, Manufactured ice
Page 0104, Men's and boy's clothing, NEC
Page 0105, Manufacturing industries
Page 0106, Herstellungsindustrien, nak
Page 0107, Manufacturing industries
Page 0108, Blast furnaces and steel mills
Page 0109, Lumber and other building materials
Page 0110, Wood products, NEC
Page 0111, Holzerzeugnisse, nak
Page 0112, Prefabricated wood buildings
Page 0113, Logging
Page 0114, Wood partitions and fixtures
Page 0115, Industrial trucks and tractors
Page 0116, Industrial supplies
Page 0117, Industrial furnaces and ovens
Page 0118, Industrial sand mining
Page 0119, Instruments to measure electricity
Page 0120, Instrumente zum Messen von Elektrizität
Page 0121, Jewellers' materials and lapidary work
Page 0122, Paperboard mills
Page 0123, Catalog and mail-order houses
Page 0124, Motor vehicle parts and accessories
Page 0125, Kfz-Teile und Zubehör
Page 0126, Women's, junior's, and misses' dresses
Page 0127, Hardware
Page 0128, Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors
Page 0129, Motor vehicles and car bodies
Page 0130, Hospital and medical service plans
Page 0131, Refrigeration equipment and supplies
Page 0132, Plastics materials and resins
Page 0133, Household appliance stores
Page 0134, Miscellaneous apparel and accessories
Page 0135, Farm machinery and equipment
Page 0136, Farm and garden machinery
Page 0137, Food preparations
Page 0138, Groceries and related products
Page 0139, Grocery stores
Page 0140, Leather tanning and finishing
Page 0141, Leather and sheep-lined clothing
Page 0142, Local trucking, without storage
Page 0143, Girl's and children's dresses, blouses
Page 0144, Malt
Page 0145, Paper industries machinery
Page 0146, Service industry machinery, NEC
Page 0147, Special industry machinery, NEC
Page 0148, Dimension stone
Page 0149, Masonry and other stonework, NEC
Page 0150, Flour and other grain mill products
Page 0151, Measuring and controlling devices
Page 0152, Meß- und Steuerungsgeräte, nak
Page 0153, Metals service centres and offices
Page 0154, Metal ores, NEC
Page 0155, Fabricated metal products, NEC
Page 0156, Metal stampings
Page 0157, Minerals, ground or treated
Page 0158, Membership organisations, NEC
Page 0159, Furniture and fixtures, NEC
Page 0160, Engine electrical equipment
Page 0161, Motorcycles, bicycles, and parts
Page 0162, Sanitary services
Page 0163, Coin-operated laundries and cleaning
Page 0164, Musical instruments
Page 0165, Local and suburban transit
Page 0166, Primary non-ferrous metals
Page 0167, Non-metallic mineral products, NEC
Page 0168, Women's and misses' outerwear
Page 0169, Canned fruits and specialties
Page 0170, Oil and gas field services
Page 0171, Organic fibres, non-cellulosic
Page 0172, Industrial organic chemicals
Page 0173, Paper mills
Page 0174, Papierfabriken
Page 0175, Patent owners and lessors
Page 0176, Personal leather goods
Page 0177, Pharmaceutical preparations
Page 0178, Photographic equipment and supplies
Page 0179, Polishes and sanitation goods
Page 0180, Offices and clinics of medical doctors
Page 0181, Offices of health practitioner, NEC
Page 0182, Primary metal products, NEC
Page 0183, Process control instruments
Page 0184, Dolls and stuffed toys
Page 0185, Environmental controls
Page 0186, Tyres and inner tubes
Page 0187, Rice milling
Page 0188, Pension, health, and welfare funds
Page 0189, Repair services, NEC
Page 0190, Reparaturdienste, nak
Page 0191, Repair services, NEC
Page 0192, Radio, television, publisher representatives
Page 0193, Farm-product raw materials, NEC
Page 0194, Sawmills and planing mills, general
Page 0195, Joinery
Page 0196, Corrugated and solid fibre boxes
Page 0197, Shipbuilding and repairing
Page 0198, Lubricating oils and greases
Page 0199, Cutlery
Page 0200, Chocolate and cocoa products
Page 0201, Shoe stores
Page 0202, Welding repair
Page 0203, Ophthalmic goods
Page 0204, Silverware and plated ware
Page 0205, Miscellaneous fabricated wire products
Page 0206, Miscellaneous non-metallic minerals, NEC
Page 0207, Sonstige nichtmetallische Minerale, ausgenommen Brennstoffe
Page 0208, Social services, NEC
Page 0209, Eating places
Page 0210, Special trade contractors, NEC
Page 0211, Spezialbauunternehmer, nak
Page 0212, Canned specialties
Page 0213, Animal specialty services
Page 0214, Games, toys, and children's vehicles
Page 0215, Sporting and athletic goods
Page 0216, Sport- und Leichtathletikartikel nak
Page 0217, Sporting goods and bicycle shops
Page 0218, Explosives
Page 0219, Steel foundries
Page 0220, Knitting mills
Page 0221, Knit underwear mills
Page 0222, Synthetic rubber
Page 0223, Textile machinery
Page 0224, Textile goods, NEC
Page 0225, Packaged frozen goods
Page 0226, Clay and related minerals
Page 0227, Clay refractories
Page 0228, Transformers, except electric
Page 0229, Transportation services, NEC
Page 0230, Trusts
Page 0231, Accident and health insurance
Page 0232, Wet corn milling
Page 0233, Non-durable goods, NEC
Page 0234, Verbrauchsgüter, nak
Page 0235, Amusement and recreation, NEC
Page 0236, Vergnügen und Freizeit, nak
Page 0237, Automatic vending machines
Page 0238, Miscellaneous retail stores, NEC
Page 0239, Verschiedene Einzelhandelsgeschäfte, nak
Page 0240, Miscellaneous homefurnishings
Page 0241, Miscellaneous food stores
Page 0242, Miscellaneous personal service
Page 0243, Insurance carriers, NEC
Page 0244, Crop preparation services for market
Page 0245, Drapery hardware and blinds and shades
Page 0246, Non-ferrous rolling and drawing
Page 0247, Laundry and garment services,
Page 0248, Water, sewer, and utility line construction
Page 0249, Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton
Page 0250, Webereien für grobe Webstoffe, Baumwolle
Page 0251, Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton
Page 0252, Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade
Page 0253, Webereien für grobe Webstoffe, Synthetik
Page 0254, Lace and warp knit fabric mills
Page 0255, Tyre retreading and repair shops
Page 0256, Machine tools, metal forming type
Page 0257, Business and secretarial schools
Page 0258, Sausages and other prepared meats
Page 0259, Offices and clinics of dentists
Page 0260, Carpentry work
Page 0261, Machine tool accessories
Page 0262, Cyclic crudes and intermediates


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