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Consumer Mailing Lists

Are you looking for up-to-date records of consumers who are willing to buy?

New customers wanted!

Great products and good ideas are looking for receptive customers, consumers who know the advantages of ordering directly by mail or online.
You need an honest partner with whom you can discuss your product and your marketing campaign. A partner that doesn’t sell yesterday’s records "off the shelf", but selects up-to-date records just for you from a variety of reliable sources. Quite simply, CEBUS.
Our records come from polls, purchases, participation in contests, directories, or directly from advertising companies, acquired in compliance with the latest, strictest European data protection regulations.

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95% Garantie

Postal records: CEBUS supplies private postal records from 288 Euros and up with a 95% deliverability guarantee.
Email Marketing: In most European countries, for newsletter or email campaigns, you need contact permission, a so-called "opt-in".
These premium email addresses will not be delivered. Instead, the list owner assumes responsibility for dispatching your mailing and creates a dispatch record with click and open rates. The prices quoted by CEBUS - from 998 euros and up - also include the cost of the dispatch, which we completely organise and monitor for you.
Telephone marketing: In most European countries, an opt-in (caller permission) is required to contact records by telephone. These records can be supplied from 498 Euros and up. No opt-in is required for inquiries without sales intent.

Great products and good ideas are looking for open-minded clients

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No surprises. An individual, no-cost and no-commitment offer for high-quality private records or consumer records will cost you not a cent.

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