SIC: 60-Depository Institutions .. 6799-Investors N.E.C.


International Standard Industrial Classification

Sic- and Nace-Codes English (Start, Main Groups)

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60Depository Institutions
6011Federal reserve banks
6019Central reserve depository
6021National commercial banks
6022State commercial banks
6029Commercial banks, N.E.C.
6035Savings institutions, federally chartered
6036Savings institutions not fed. chartered
6061Credit unions, federally chartered
6062Credit unions not federally chartered
6081Branches & agencies of foreign banks
6082Foreign trade & international banking
6091Deposit trust facilities
6099Functions related to deposit banks N.E.C.
61Non Depository Institutions
6111Fed sponsored credit agencies
6141Personal credit institutions
6153Short - term business credit institutions
6159Misc. business credit institutions
6162Mortgage bankers & loan correspondents
6163Loan brokers
62Security & Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges & Services
6211Security brokers, dealers & flotation
6221Commodity contracts brokers & dealers
6231Security & commodity exchanges
6282Investment advice
6289Services allied with securities N.E.C.
63Insurance Carriers
6311Life insurance
6321Accident & health insurance
6324Hospital & medical service plans
6331Fire, marine & casualty insurance
6351Surety insurance
6361Title insurance
6371Pension, health & welfare funds
6399Insurance carriers, N.E.C.
64Insurance Agents, Brokers & Service
6411Insurance agents, brokers & service
65Real Estate
6512Operators of non - residential buildings
6513Operators of apartment buildings
6514Operators of dwellings exc. apartments
6515Residential mobile home site operators
6517Lessors of railroad property
6519Lessors of real property N.E.C.
6531Real estate agents & managers
6541Title abstract offices
6552Land developers exc. cemeteries
6553Cemetery sub dividers & developers
67Holding & Other Investment Offices
6712Offices of bank holding companies
6719Offices of holding companies N.E.C.
6722Management investment offices, open - end
6726Unit investment trusts
6732Educ., religious & charitable trusts
6733Trusts exc. educ., religious & charitable
6792Oil royalty traders
6794Patent owners & lessors
6798Real estate investment trusts
6799Investors N.E.C.

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