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International Standard Industrial Classification

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91Executive, Legislative and General Government exc. Finance
9111Executive officers
9121Legislative bodies
9131Executive and legislative offices
9199General government
92Justice, Public Order & Safety
9221Police protection
9222Legal counsel and prosecution
9223Correctional institutions
9224Fire protection
9229Public order and safety
93Public Finance, Taxation & Monetary Policy
9311Public finance and taxation
94Administration of Human Resource Programs
9411Admin of educational programs
9431Admin of public health programs
9441Admin of human resource programs
9451Admin of veterans programs
95Administration of Environmental Quality & Housing Programs
9511Air water and waste management
9512Land and wildlife conservation
9531Admin of housing programs
9532Urban/rural planning
96Administration of Economic Programs
9611Admin of economic programs
9621Admin of transport programs
9631Regulation of utilities
9641Regulation agric commodities
9651Regulation of misc commercial sectors
9661Space research and technology
97National Security & International Affairs
9711National security
9721International affairs
99Non Classified Establishments
9999Non classified establishments

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