Ten Reasons to Use Telephone Marketing


Ten Reasons to Use Telephone Marketing

People love to complain about receiving calls from telephone marketers, but the fact remains that it is a very effective way to sell a product or service, particularly when done by a skilled professional. While it wouldn’t be wise to rely solely on telephone marketing to sell your product or service, it can be an integral part of any sales campaign. There are numerous reasons why businesses of every niche choose to use telephone marketing. This article will count down ten top reasons telephone marketing should be part of your business plan.

While there are more advertising media now than there ever have been, no one of them is best to the exclusion of all others. However, telephone marketing works extremely well for analyzing your customer base and meeting their needs. Counting down from 10 to 1, here are the top 10 reasons your business should use telephone marketing.
10. Telephone marketing, when done by an experienced professional, allows for a certain amount of flexibility in interacting with the potential customer. If the marketing professional is able to make slight changes to the script based on the interaction going on with the potential customer, the chances are better that the potential customer’s needs will be addressed.
9. Direct mail is a great way to generate sales. Telephone marketing is a great way to generate sales. Put them together and they are better than the sum of their parts. When a customer hears the name of your company after having seen a postcard in the mail, the cold call won’t seem nearly so cold.
8. The marketing professional has the customer’s undivided attention at least for a few seconds. It’s hanging on to that attention that can mean the difference between a hit and a miss.
7. Telephone marketing results in increased productivity. Depending upon where the leads came from, telephone marketing lets a company rapidly and easily contact potentially interested people.
6. Telephone marketing can bring former customers back. If a customer stopped buying your product and service, and you don’t know why, telephone marketing is a good way to find out. If you are once again able to meet his or her needs, you could well bring that customer back into the fold.
5. Telephone marketing is good for lead generation. Lead arbitrage firms use telemarketing because they get valuable (sellable) customer information that way.
4. It is easy to track telephone marketing results. When the call ends, you know whether the call was successful or not, so there’s no wasting time going back and finding out if your sales tactic worked.
No other marketing technique can match telephone marketing for simplicity, directness, and grass roots sales.
3. The response is immediate. If the telephone marketer makes a successful call and sets up an appointment with that potential customer, it’s all done in one step rather than multiple steps that could end up in a frustrating game of telephone tag.
2. Telephone marketing saves time and money. It is easy to see how telephone marketing saves time and money over door-to-door sales pitches.
And finally, the best reason to use telephone marketing is:
1. Because it really works. Sure, people complain about receiving telemarketing calls, but if the calls didn’t get results, companies wouldn’t use them. They do get results, however, sometimes very satisfactory pinpoint results that would be hard to attain through other marketing methods.
Telephone marketing is a flexible marketing tool that interacts directly with those who may be interested in your product or service. No other marketing technique can match telephone marketing for simplicity, directness, and grass roots sales. While telephone marketing shouldn’t be a company’s sole method of generating sales, it definitely has its unique place in a company’s stable of marketing techniques.

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