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Cheap company records can be very expensive. If you get only records of inactive or insolvent companies without contact names or correct industries, then your campaign will be one thing only: expensive. But not successful.
CEBUS doesn't offer last year's records "off the shelf". We make personalised, up-to-date selections from reliable sources, worldwide.
Our records come from business contacts or were acquired at trade fairs and congresses. Many were compared with entries in company registers, supplemented with the names of contacts, department managers, industry details, sales figures, credits, company forms, etc. In the "company records" category, you will also find the records of organisations, freelance professionals, associations, and institutions in the health sector, including doctors, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies.
Postal advertising: We have international postal addresses available for all European countries, mostly with telephone numbers also, with a 95% deliverability guarantee.
Email: In many European countries, sending newsletters to company addresses is subject to legal restrictions. The consequence of this may be, for example, that you can only offer products that are relevant to the company's purpose, such as tools for craftwork companies.

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CEBUS, a Swiss company, supplies company records with postal addresses and telephone numbers from 288 Euros. The price is dependent on the industry desired, role of the contact person, data desired (postal address, telephone, email, opt-in), quantity, usage frequency (once only, annual use), region and, of course, country. For that reason, a free, personalised quote is best.

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