Successful Direct Marketing: Online Advertising


Successful Direct Marketing: Online Advertising

Direct marketing is a form of advertising, it means that businesses and entrepreneurs reach out to their potential customers directly. Text messages, emails, interactive websites, online marketing strategies and targeted TV commercials are tools of direct marketing.
Online Marketing: Efficient Advertising for Lower Prices
Internet marketing is one of the most successful direct marketing tools. It is effective, because finding and purchasing products over the Internet is an easy and inexpensive option for customers.
Successful Direct Marketing: Online Advertising

Advantages of Direct Marketing on the Internet

Less Expensive than Other Methods
If a seller knows how to use online marketing strategies, they can minimize sales costs. Personal selling is profitable, too, however, it is very costly. Studies have proven that an industrial sales call costs $589 on average. If you want to make a deal, it will cost you about five calls on average, which means you have to spend about $3,000 altogether. If you combine personal selling with online advertising, you can reduce sales costs.
You Can Pinpoint your Target Market
Direct marketing helps you pinpoint a smaller segment of your audience in a way that is more personal than online marketing. If you focus on a huge group of customers, you will be less specific. It is next to impossible to please everyone, so you had better fine-tune your advertising techniques to your target audience’s unique demands.
It Makes your Business Personal
Direct marketing brings your business closer to your customers. It builds brand loyalty. If you send your clients personalized messages instead of computer-generated mails, they will know that they matter to you. Personal messages suggest that you have a customer-friendly approach.
Fast Response
Direct marketing is fast. You can receive quick feedback and you can send a quick response. It enables you to connect with your customers in a short while.
You Can Track Marketing Methods
You can monitor your marketing tools, you can see whether your marketing campaign is successful or not. You can see which marketing tools perform well. You receive quick feedback, so you can see how to change the strategies that do not work. You can test how your audience likes a product or a marketing strategy before you spend plenty of money on a large, costly campaign.

Make the Most of Direct Marketing

To leverage all its advantages, you can combine online marketing with offline marketing and other direct marketing tools, from print ads to flyers.
Make sure that you are discreet with mailing lists. Customers do not like spams. Always offer your customers a way out, a link where they can unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Ways of Direct Marketing Online

Interactive Business Website
You should have a business website. A successful business site has stellar content. It is clear-cut and navigable. It should contain all the details your possible customers are looking for. It should have unique, attractive graphic design.
Your site should be interactive. Follow up your customers’ comments and respond fast. Always be polite and positive. Be open to two-way communication.
Since mobile devices are ubiquitous and they outnumber laptops and desktops by four to one, your site should be mobile friendly.
Social Networking
Social media offers great online marketing opportunities.
Facebook is the most popular social networking site. It has more than one billion active users. It features plenty of data on users, which makes things easier for you when you want to find your target audience and contact them. Now, people want to use Facebook for having fun and connecting with friends, so advertisements might not sit well with them. On the other hand, users may follow their favorite brands on Facebook. They may recommend various businesses, products and services to their friends. It would be a good idea to have a business page on Facebook where you can post something about your latest product or share business news. If your customers “like” you and they find your posts interesting, they may buy the advertised product, they may share your various posts with their friends. Facebook can raise brand awareness more than any marketing tool. For example, Super Bowl has about 110 million viewers. You should pay $3 million to get your advertisement there. On Facebook, you have a chance to reach much more potential customers on every day of the week, at a much lower cost. You will pay much less, even if you have paid advertisements and not only post your business news. Can you imagine – something more powerful than the Super Bowl, for a reasonable price?
Twitter attracts fewer users than Facebook, however, you can still link it to other social media sites like Facebook, which means that anytime you Tweet something, it will show up on your Facebook business page, too. Twitter gives you the perfect opportunity for damage control: if your customers have any complaint against you, you can apologize, you can build customer trust and brand awareness.
You do not have to pay a fortune to TV channels to broadcast your advertisements. You have an online marketing option, YouTube, to get your message across. Your followers may subscribe to your channel or share your videos.

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